Special Family Moments

Melissa Wheeler Higginson

July 1 at 10:44 AM  · Shared with Members of Centerville 7th Ward

Ward Family! We are sad to say that we will be leaving the 7th ward. Dan and I have enjoy being in the ward and really are sad to be leaving but we need to move closer to his family and both of our jobs and will be in Holladay. We wish we could say goodbye with hugs and see you all in person.

Thoughts from General Conference April, 2020

By Lida Riplinger

When President Nelson asked us to fast on Good Friday, I felt such a power come from him as he bore his testimony about fasting. I loved how he said, “As a physician and surgeon, I have great admiration for medical professionals, scientists, and all who are working around the clock to curb the spread of COVID-19” Then he visibly straightened taller, squared his shoulders and said, “Now, as President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and an Apostle of Jesus Christ, I know that God “has all power, all wisdom, and all understanding; He comprehendeth all things, and He is a merciful Being, even unto salvation, to those who will repent and believe on His name.” I felt the power as he spoke these words and asked all to join in a worldwide fast for the pandemic of COVID-19 to be controlled, caregivers protected, economy strengthened and life normalized.

Another moment that brought great joy to me at this conference was participating in the Hosanna Shout with my family and singing, “The Spirit of God.” This was such a sweet, tender moment to do this in my home with my family with millions of Saints tuned in around the world. Then choirs from each of the six continents of the earth sang, “We Thank Thee oh God for a Prophet” in tribute to our Prophet Joseph Smith to see his prophecy coming to pass that the gospel would “penetrate every continent.”