We Dearly Missed Our Primary Children

When we first were asked to worship from home, I didn’t think it was going to last long. Little did any of us know it would continue for months.  We dearly missed our Primary children and their families and wanted to do something to get the children involved and still honor the requests of our Government and Church leaders. I felt strongly impressed that we should  adhere to and honor the Home Centered-Church Supported directive the Church had implemented. So, after prayerful consideration and several brainstorming sessions, we felt the Monday Fun-Day Drive-By activity would be safe and fun.   I wish I could say we came up with the idea ourselves, but another Presidency had shared the idea on a group Facebook page and we felt this was a good way to gather and still honor the guidelines. The flyer was distributed through email to all the Primary children’s families and we included the rest of the ward members too. We shared the flyer on our Ward Facebook Page as well.  Each Monday there would be an activity for families to decorate their doors, windows or yards for the weekly theme. Drive-bys would be from 6:30-7:00 p.m.

The first week was our Wild Safari. As the ward members walked (social distancing, of course) or drove through the ward boundaries they could find wild stuffed animals in windows, hanging on porches and in trees. We even spotted a few stray animals (teenagers dressed in costume) on rooftops. We were impressed with the creativity of the families, from artwork to lawn displays, including a jeep safari.

The second week was our Easter Egg Hunt. Children were counting the Easter eggs in windows, on doors, lawns, and trees.

Week 3 brought us the Chalk Art Festival where those who wanted to participate created chalk artwork and encouraging words to those who stopped by. There were precious drawings done by little hands and artistically crafted adult drawings like temples and testimonies etc.

Our fourth week was a scavenger hunt the families could do on their own. And the final week, week five, ended with families “sharing the love” and posting hearts on doors, windows, houses and trees. We even had one of our Primary teachers print pictures of each of her primary children and glued them on heart balloons on display in her front window with the words, “I Miss My Primary Kids!! Miss You!” Children would light up as they saw their own faces on the balloon hearts.

After each drive-by, Emily Earley and I would share pictures we had taken along the way on the Ward Facebook Page. We received positive feedback from many ward members. Parents told us their children looked forward to creating something each week. There was a lot of thought, effort and creativity put into many of the homes. It was wonderful to see families driving in their cars or walking through the neighborhoods, happy to see each other–from a distance–and enjoying the creativity of our friends and ward family.  Towards the end of the activity, we had been apart for so long, you could feel the anxiousness to be together again. It became hard to not reach out and hug or high five our Primary Children.

As a Presidency, we are so grateful to the ward family members, even those without children at home, who got involved and consistently participated. 

Sister Tamra Merrill

  “Stay Humble-Work Hard-Be Kind”

Coronavirus Can’t Repress Primary

During the spring’s shut-down with schools, church meetings, and shopping closed, the Primary held weekly Monday activities families could do in the neighborhoods without contacting the virus.

Below, it was Easter rabbits.

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