Personal Scripture Study

Bishop Petersen’s Comfort
During the Corona-virus Epidemic

Dear Ward Family,
Here we go again. Another week through social isolation and a small earthquake. Are we having fun yet? What an interesting time to be going through. I’m pretty anxious to get back to normal but the extra time has given me cause to reflect in many ways. Hopefully reflecting has been a good use of that extra time. I’ve had an opportunity to listen/read a number of things and there are two talks that have been very meaningful to me during this time. I thought I would share them if you have an interest. One is by Elder Bednar entitled “The Character of Christ”. Given at a BYUI devotional in 2016. The other is by President Nelson entitled “Becoming True Millennial’s”, also given in 2016 during a world wide young adult fireside. My family and I have enjoyed discussing these together over text and zoom. The links for these talks are at the bottom of this post.

Elder Bednar
President Nelson

Switching On a Light

How The Book of Mormon Enhanced my Mental Abilities

By Josef Patterson

“Josef will not be able to graduate from High school” the counselor told my mother after a meeting with all my teachers and the principle when I was in sixth grade. My difficulty with learning and school work had started in early childhood. My mother would ask me to put the cup on the table and hand me the cup. I would look at the cup and understand that I needed to do something with that cup, but could not remember the second step.

In first grade it was suggested that I be held back in school because I couldn’t read very well, let alone understand what I was reading. I barely scraped by each year. My mother daily sat with me on the couch going over and over again how to spell words or how to do a math question. We struggled with simple things like writing, “Jan jumped over the log” and, “Two plus two equals four” with understanding. (Thank you, Mother, for your patience with me.)

When I was about twelve years old, I felt especially drawn toward writing in a journal. I was fascinated with the idea that I could write down my thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I soon realized that writing in my journal every night was very therapeutic to me. I would feel uneasy and imbalanced when I didn’t write. Later on, I felt the Spirit whisper to me that writing in my journal was and is a specific commandment given to me from God.

Along with my journal, I desired to prepare for my mission. At the age of twelve I made a goal to read The Book of Mormon ten times before I left to serve the Lord full time. I wrote in my journal and read The Book of Mormon every night. As with my journal writing, I would also feel imbalanced when I didn’t read it on a daily basis.

By eighth grade, age fourteen, it was as though a light switch turned on in my mind. I began to receive B’s and A’s, instead of D’s and C’s in my classes. My understanding of the things that I learned increased and I could feel the Spirit giving me the ability to grow and understand. I could perform better in all aspects of my life. I attribute this great blessing as given to me to my heed and diligence in keeping a journal and studying the scriptures. For me the following is true: Joseph Smith said, “…God has created man with a mind capable of instruction, and a faculty which may be enlarged in proportion to the heed and diligence given to the light communicated from heaven to the intellect.…”

Although, there were still hard times, I did graduate from high school. I completed my goal to read the Book of Mormon ten times before my mission just two months before I left. I was greatly blessed for doing it. After my mission, I graduated with a BA degree from college and went on to graduate school where I earned my doctorate. I now do what I love to do in assisting others towards health as a Holistic Chiropractic Physician.

writing in my journal and studying the scriptures rescued me in the midst of my trials. There are specific commandments that are given to each of us by the Spirit because the Lord loves us and wants us to come unto Him. As we follow and obey these specific commandments, our faculties will be enlarged and we will be able to overcome obstacles in our lives.